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Released 3 march 2010 : record « OBAMA » and Recital « Vaguement Noir Vaguement Blanc » June 11th at L’Archipel [Paris]

Cultural Information

Record OBAMA

Jann Halexander

[released on March 3 th]

Obama is Jann Halexander’s tenth record, for a seven-year carreer.Singer, director, actor, this franco-gabonese artist has settled in the universe of French Song, and will be once more dealing with his favourite issues in 2010, through 18 songs : family, death, sexuality, melting-pot, between melancholy and black humour. Jann Halexander will be on stage, with two musicians, to present his new-brand tour Vaguement Blanc Vaguement Noir, in June 11th, at l’Archipel, 17 Bd de Strasbourg -75010 PARIS, at 9 PM.

Subway : Strasbourg Saint-Denis, Château d'Eau
Car Parks : Gare de l'Est, Bonne Nouvelle
Booking: 0 826 02 99 24 (0.14 € / min),

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Entrance price : 21 euros

Entrance price if booked : 18 euros

Entrance price with [subject to availability] : 17 euros


17 bd de Strasbourg - 75010 PARIS
Subway: Strasbourg Saint-Denis, Château d'Eau
Car parks: Gare de l'Est, Bonne Nouvelle
Booking : 0 826 02 99 24 (0.14 € / min)/

Piano : Jann Halexander

Introducing part: Nicolas Duclos / Maïk Darah

Press and program contacts : Jeff Bonnenfant +33680150524

Une production Trilogie Halexander

Medias about Jann Halexander:

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1- Obama
2- Matilda (reprise de Francis Lemarque, adaptation de Waltzing Matilda, folk australien)
3- Chroniques d'une famille australienne
4- Fanfare de nos vies
5- Mélancolie toujours
6- Une chanson sans paroles et sans musiques
7- Gabon
8- Les gens de couleur n'ont rien d'extraordinaire
9- A force de retarder le vent ( en souvenir de Nathalie, texte de Jolyon Derfeuil)
10- Vie de couple avec un chien (reprise de la chanson Nicolas Duclos)
11- Pont Verdun (2003)
12- A Table version 2010
13- A Table par Sylvain Yardin
14- A Table par Nicolas Duclos
15- A Table, instrumentale
16- Clémence en vacances (reprise Anne Sylvestre)
17- La matriarche (en concert au Théâtre de la Reine Blanche, Paris, 9 mai 2008 / extrait du documentaire Rendez-vous Secret, de William Veen)
18- Question d'amour et de temps (précédé d'un tango afro-européen)


Music and lyrics : Jann Halexander


(Translation . E.M.A)

A leading light cried shiny beautiful tears in the night

Joyful faces saw an hope lightening

Hard to explain, irresistible, fragile

But millions of hearts are dancing…

From Europe to Africa, from Oceania to America

We saw someone looking like the Messiah,

As a new Christ, maybe a new God,

He couldn’t be only Human…

When Reason can’t help us, when it gives in to deep weakness,

Then we cling to a beautiful poor hope

But he’s just a man (X2)

Just a man…


Beautiful visionary, be the beast or be eaten,

Beautiful destiny, your courage impressed us,

And I want to believe, and to keep this mirror that you showed to our awful world,

Because vultures are keeping an eye too on the mixed man who challenged old-fashioned rules,

And secrets that were buried during centuries and taught to children,

Shall you change the deal, or my singing is misled !

I want your name to be carved on an eternal stele, as big as our human illusions are,

because you’re just a man(x2)

but such a beautiful man…



Short biography : The french singer Jann Halexander was born in 1982 in Libreville (Gabon, central Africa) from a black father, diplomat, and a white french mother, professor (piano, philosophy). In November 2004 the 3rd, he brought out a 4-song Maxi Demo called Brasillach 1945. In this CD, the singer goes deeper in the exploration of his privileged themes. He sings about Robert Brasillach's going down into the Underworld. Robert Brasillach was a french writer, gay and anti-semite, who collaborated during the WWII (he was shot just after the end of this war). The singer makes a critic about 'love-relation' between artists and dictatorships. The theme is intimately connected with the French history; and the song can cause unease, irritation or even fascination. Anyway, the singer goes on, making the most of web technologies and also by word of mouth. It's the beginning of a strange, rich, fascinating and artistic life with famous songs like A TABLE (about a family dinner), DECLARATION D´AMOUR POUR UN VAMPIRE ( about passion and vampires)...and now Obama.

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