samedi 5 février 2011



Music/Lyrics : Jann Halexander
Voice : Jann Halexander (Song) (Variations) (Music only)

Father, I am (lyrics and music : Jann Halexander- 2010)

Father, you know : i'm lying
Heather, i know, she's charming...but it's not a real story... it's just a joke ! A sad story ! She's just a friend ! I'm so sorry ! Father, i must say something, On later, it won't be easy... Rather, i tell you all now : i'm not joking, i'm just your son, i'm not shocking, don't be nervous ! I saw him, in Rainbow island, smiling, he took my hand, just a first kiss from my lover...beautiful kiss and forever : i love him... Father, i don't like secrets, Father, i hate regrets, maybe you'll cry, you'll shout and maybe you 'll kill me with your hands ! But i want to die free...but i want to die free...

Jeff Bonnenfant - Management - 0033680150524
Label TH - 2011
Prod.: Lalouline Editions
Record : J.Derfeuil

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